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A great safety net for car buyers!

(and it's FREE)

For me, one of the best measures the Government has taken to help protect car buyers is their “Check the MOT history of a vehicle” website


GOV UK - Check the MOT history of a car


All you need is the Registration number of the vehicle you are thinking of buying – go to the site – press Start Now – enter the number – press Continue – this page will give you basic details of the car – then press MOT history – and there you have it. Virtually a complete history of the results of all the tests carried out. Not only does it include whether it was a Pass or a Fail – it lists the Failure and Advisory items.

This is incredibly useful – here is an example.

Checking out one of the Closed Auction sites I came across a 2005 Chevrolet Matiz SE+ – surprisingly these are very popular as a very cheap run-around. This one had all the right credentials – Only 31k miles – a couple of owners and good service history AND it already had a virtually new MoT. Not only that – it had a glowing report from the Main Dealer who was selling it – extolling its virtues they said this – “Really tidy clean car for age with great miles”.

Sadly the reality was somewhat different – checking out the MOT history I discovered the car had failed its test on 2 areas of severe corrosion. Now, these had obviously been repaired (welded) BUT that is not the point. I was only aware of this significant fact by checking the MOT history. Would I now consider buying the car? – NO!

In itself, this is not enough to avoid all those “lemons” but it sure reduces the risk!

Dave - Online Auctions

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