A Happy New Year to Everyone and KBO!

I suspect I am not alone in feeling this year will be – “interesting”

There is no doubt that for a number of reasons feelings are running high and there is an overwhelming air of uncertainty. Sadly my Mam and Dad are no longer around – if they were I would have asked them what is was like in 1939 on the eve of war – they knew it was coming but had no real idea of what it would mean.

One experience my Mam told me about was this one…

It was the 22 nd of December 1940 – late at night – the sirens were screaming – she sat with my newly born eldest sister in a dark and damp air raid shelter in the yard at the back of the house. As the bombers flew overhead she heard a high pitched whistle which grew louder as a bomb fell – she was terrified. The bomb hit nearby Heaton Norris railway goods yard and obliterated it – the shock wave made the ground shake.

At the time there was nothing unusual about this – thousands were affected – in fact over 700 were killed during the Manchester Christmas blitz of 1940 BUT that does not alter the fact it must have been bloody terrifying and stayed with her for the rest of her life.

What is my point?

Their generation lived through times we can hardly imagine – it was not a matter of being stoic and having a stiff upper lip – it was a case of having no choice. Regardless of what came their way – they faced it – got on with it AND even more importantly overcame it.

On that note, I will conclude with the words of my hero – WINSTON CHURCHILL


Dave Woolf

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