Hello there. My name is Dave Woolf and I would like to introduce you to our latest venture,
Little Belters…

David Woolf - founder of Little Belters

More than Just Car Sales.

For the past 15 years I have been the proud owner of Leigh Autos here in Sunny Stockport. In that time I have seen recessions and boom times and the fact we are still standing is a tribute to our hard working and flexible staff, and more than anything else, the loyal and steadfast support from our customers – some of which span generations within the same family.

But as with all businesses, there is no such thing as standing still and we are always looking to move with the times. The internet now means we have a world of information at our finger tips which, coupled with our expertise in cars, now means we have plenty more we can offer to the people of Stockport and beyond.

Owner Dave Woolf uses a strict buying criteria when selecting used cars

Over the years we have dealt with literally thousands of cars – some good, some average and a few I would rather not think about! In amongst them I have also seen some exceptional one’s  – I called these my “Little Belters”.

I never actively went out looking for quality used cars to sell. But now technology makes it easy for people like us.

There has been numerous times when customers have asked us “do I know of any good cars for sale?”. On the odd occasion, by chance, I had come across a “Little Belter” to sell – but certainly I never had anywhere near enough to meet the demand.

The reason for this was simple – I never actively went out looking for quality used cars to sell. But now technology makes it easy for people like us. We can now buy in the quality of used cars we would be happy to sell to our own families.

Our Little Belters

Our main source of vehicles remains  a select number of “CLOSED AUCTIONS” which are available only to approved credible dealers like ourselves. In the majority of cases these are cars offered by Franchised Main Dealers and are a result of a part exchange at the dealership.

In addition we have gradually built up a small network of contacts who we trust and believe hold the same values as ourselves.

A further source is our existing customers who are looking to part exchange their existing vehicle or alternatively for us to buy it outright at a price often considerably higher than the – Buy Any Car – websites. Again in many instances, these cars are already well known to us as we will have worked on them in the past.

Regardless of the source, we adopt strict buying criteria essentially cherry picking those we would want to own ourselves and those we definitely want to avoid.


  • Cars from a recognised and reputable source.
  • Cars which are HPi clear and History checked.
  • Cars which meet our strict buying criteria – taking into consideration amongst other things – Service History – Mileage – Number of Owners- Specification – Internal and External condition – even Colour!

  • Cars listed as Insurance CAT C or D.
  • Cars with a questionable history.
  • Cars which do not look or smell right!

Our experienced workshop team make sure the cars are thoroughly checked over when they arrive and then, of course, MOT’d, serviced and valeted in-house.

Bringing the same amount of trust and integrity that we have in the car care industry into used car sales.





Little Belters is part of Leigh Autos – one of Stockport’s “good guys” when it comes to repairing, servicing and MOT’ing cars, vans and motorhomes. Renowned for good, honest advice, Leigh Autos very much focus on delivering good old fashioned customer service with a healthy dose of common sense thrown in. At Little Belters we live and breathe the values that have been held in such high regard these past 30+ years as we carry this over into our aftersales service.


Our in-house MOT Testing Station means we can put a 12 month ticket regardless of how long an MOT is left on a car we buy in.


Each car receives a thorough mechanical check by our in-house team before it is placed on sale to make sure it is customer-ready.


Because our team will know your car inside and out, we are on hand should your car need a little TLC from time to time.

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