Hiya – My name is Dave Woolf and I would like to tell you about LITTLE-BELTERS

David Woolf - founder of Little Belters

Some 20 years ago I “retired” from my career of dealing in Stocks and Shares

I wanted to get back to the real world and do something completely different.  Having always loved cars I thought a garage would be a good idea – hence my purchase of Leigh Autos. As the years went by and my knowledge of the Auto sector grew there remained one area which fascinated me – SELLING CARS! After all, why should it be any different from buying and selling Shares and I had done ok at that.  If I did my research and analysis surely I would be able to sort the “wheat from the chaff”.  I spent almost a year learning my trade – making a fair number of mistakes – but all the time gaining that essential ingredient – knowledge

Eventually I decided I was ready to launch… Little-Belters

Owner Dave Woolf uses a strict buying criteria when selecting used cars

As anticipated the last 3 years have been similar to dealing in the Stock Market – the more knowledge you gain the better you become. Yet in other ways things are very different.  For example I knew the Stock Market could be a very “dodgy” place – lots of sharks just waiting to take your money as I had learned from bitter experience. But now – after all those years – I was Mr Cool and confident I could spot the “shysters” a mile off and not to get “turned over”. Well that notion was quickly dispelled. My view today? The Stock Market looks virtuous and saintly relative to the car sales market – I am not just referring to second hand cars. Take it from me Arthur Daley is very much alive and well – even in the most prestigious show rooms!

So where am I now? 

After “experimenting” with a number of different price sectors I have decided which one suits me and “my team” the best.


  • Cars that are not Cheap BUT represent good value for money
  • Cars that I have sourced myself
  • Cars that meet all the essential basics – They start – they stop – are safe and definitely NOT LEMONS
  • Cars that have gone through all the important checks and are not in any Write-Off categories
  • Cars that still have life left in them
  • Cars that are prepared in my workshop by my lads
  • Cars that I would be happy to put my own family in

What to expect…

My decision to choose the “Aldi” and not the “Waitrose” sector was arrived at for a number of reasons.

Here are just a few!  Our existing Resources and skills – Our Location – Our existing business and customer base – My Age and finances!

As with any business decision my chosen path has Advantages and Disadvantages. On the plus side I can buy cars relatively cheaply and accumulate a reasonable stock PLUS these are cars my team can work on without the need to sub-contract. On the downside my MARGINS ARE TIGHT!

I mention this for one simple reason – as a nation we have now made getting discounts into an Art Form! I have no problem with this and am partial as the next person to getting a “good-deal”. HOWEVER on cars in this price range there is very little margin to play with PLUS I am here to pay wages to my team and make a profit.

One other thing I would like to mention – please remember these are USED CARS and likely to be getting on a bit. They will have scratches – scuffs – dinks and blemishes – that is a fact. My number one priority is to “invest” in ensuring my cars are safe – reliable and do the essential things well.

I have seen many a used car described as MINT! Truthfully in viewing over a thousand cars I have not found one yet.

Finally – A word of WARNING!

Buying any used car carries with it some element of risk – just like the Stock Market!

In the budget price sector, the risk factor is very high – the equivalent of buying Penny Shares!

It is easy to be persuaded to hand over your hard-earned money for that lovely looking “Peach” only to subsequently discover you have ended up with a very costly and bitter-tasting “LEMON”.

The term “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” most definitely comes to mind.

If I could offer you only one piece of advice when it comes to buying cars – it is one I learned very early in my Stock Market dealings…

Follow the A B C…

A – Assume Nothing

B – Believe Nobody

C – Challenge Everything

Great good wishes AND watch out for those LEMONS!

Dave Woolf

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Little Belters is part of Leigh Autos – one of Stockport’s “good guys” when it comes to repairing, servicing and MOT’ing cars, vans and motorhomes. Renowned for good, honest advice, Leigh Autos very much focus on delivering good old fashioned customer service with a healthy dose of common sense thrown in. At Little Belters we live and breathe the values that have been held in such high regard these past 30+ years as we carry this over into our aftersales service.


Our in-house MOT Testing Station means we can put a 12 month ticket regardless of how long an MOT is left on a car we buy in.


Each car receives a thorough mechanical check by our in-house team before it is placed on sale to make sure it is customer-ready.


Because our team will know your car inside and out, we are on hand should your car need a little TLC from time to time.

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