Are you for real?

A while back I was at a local Carvery – the lady in front of me expressed her disappointment that there were only 4 choices of vegetables on offer! Christ on a bike what did she expect for £7.95 – Gordon Ramsey to serve it!

Anyway, I can now go one better than that – recently we were on a “glamping” holiday in Welsh Wales – one day whilst having a wander around we came across a charity bizarre put on by the local British Legion.

Now I am always on the look-out for Auto memorabilia so decide to have a look – now listen to this – a lady came in carrying a plastic bag from which she produced a pair of shoes – she explained she had bought them at the last event for £1.50 but after wearing them for a while decided they were not that comfortable and could she have her money back.

I did not wait around to listen to the response – I can only hope it consisted of two words – one of which was OFF!

Dave Woolf

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