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Some months back we sold a car to a gentleman who, with respect, was one of those in life who is vulnerable to being taken advantage of. It was – AND STILL IS – a smashing little car which cost less than a thousand pounds. In the last week or so the car developed a fault – as he is some way from us he decided to take it to a Main Dealer. They repaired the fault at a cost in excess of £150 and then went on to inform him that he needed to spend a further £800 on the car – as he does not have that sort of money they invited him to take out finance!

Fortunately, before he agreed to go ahead he rang us and the following day brought the car in. So first of all the repair – this was a job we would have carried out at approximately

dsc_0988Having been established for a while it would seem our reputation for providing great cars is growing. It is lovely to see our long standing “garage” customers coming to us to buy their next car AND often trading in their existing one. In addition, we are seeing a steady flow of new customers who are coming to us on a recommendation from those who have already bought from us.

This is a great position for any business to be in- however, it is having a knock on effect. Buying the right stock is never easy – hence why we travel FAR AND WIDE to get them. More and more we are selling cars before we can even get them on our website or even having put them through the LITTLE – BELTERS MAKE OVER! Customers who

Mr and Mrs Smith (name changed to protect the innocent – words written by an actor so you cannot identify!) wanted a car for their daughter. We had nothing that was of interest in their budget range and specification which was - Roomy + 5 Door + Low on Tax and Insurance – Less than 50k miles + No more than 3 owners with Service History).
Keep an eye out for me!
Some might say that this proves, without any doubt - that I'm definitely a certified, fully paid up BARM POT! Who cares? I came across an ad' for this AIXAM MEGA MULTITRUCK – All Electric VAN – Never heard of them? – Not to worry, neither had I.
Some 6 months ago we made a conscious decision to stop buying Diesel cars. Now the reason for doing so now seem pretty obvious BUT at time they were not. Not only did we stop buying them we strongly advised those customers who wanted to purchase Diesel vehicles against doing so... Read more
What follows is not merely car sales talk!

Presently we are selling cars faster than we can source them. This is why you will notice our stock levels are falling. Some would see this as a good problem for any business to have – Demand exceeding Supply. However, from our point of view this is a real problem as it means buyers are going elsewhere as in most instances consumers are not in a position to keep waiting and waiting.

In order to address this, we are spreading our net wider and wider in order to source more of the RIGHT cars. BUT we cannot compromise on our buying criteria – after all it is that which has placed us in this position.

I am confident that over the coming weeks our efforts will pay off and stock levels will start to rise.

From your point of view all that I would ask is that

5-Star Service for My Fiat 500

Recent LittleBELTERS Customer Shares Delight With Our Service.
It always feels great to see one of our Little Belters go off to a new home. In the past 18 months, we have been very lucky to have had some wonderful customers and it is always nice to receive positive comments about our service.

The Story of a Little-Belter!

....and how it really is more than just selling cars.
It is a dark miserable rainy Monday morning on New Zealand Road. Lights are switched on and computer screens flicker. The hunt begins – I must find the PEACHES and avoid the LEMONS!
Having been here for so many years, at Christmas quite a few of our customers (friends!) send us Christmas cards and gifts. I would like to share one card in particular...

Customer Testimonial | Cornish Belters!

Our Little Belters Reach All Corners of the UK.
We love to go the extra mile for our customers, but when one of our customers recently went the extra 250 miles for us - it has to be said, even we were left speechless (for once!).
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