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Case Study : Jane and Daniel

Jane wanted to make sure her son's first car was just right.

It might sound rather trite to say this, but we genuinely love to hear back from our customers and how we have helped them – and it is a large part of what we are trying to achieve here. So when we get an email like the one we received the other day, it really does lift the spirits in the LB office another notch.

Jane is a lovely lady who approached us through our car sourcing services having been recommended to us by a friend. She was looking for a car for her son Daniel, who had just passed his test.

Having given us a budget to work with, we found a lovely little Renault Clio Campus. Registered in 2007, with just 76k on the clock, it looked in fantastic condition and we picked it up ourselves from a Main Ford Dealership in Somerset. Once we had checked it over and valeted the car, Jane and Daniel came and had a look and within minutes knew they were looking at the right car.

Well, having dropped the car off a few weeks ago, Jane has since been back to us to email her gratitude. The email reads:

Dear Steve,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you Steve for all the help and guidance you gave me when looking to purchase a first car for Daniel. He is now the very proud owner of a lovely metallic blue Renault Clio and he could not be happier with it. It is in an excellent condition and we are really grateful for your advice and guidance and for actually finding the car for us within the budget we specified.

Renault Clio Campus we sourced for DanielThe after service we received was second to none even to the point that you very kindly delivered it to our driveway on a cold, wet and windy Wednesday evening.

We will be returning for our service and MOT when it is due. Please also extend our gratitude to Dave for giving us a lift back to Stockport train station when we first came to look at the car.

Thank you again, we will definitely recommend you to all our friends.

Kind regards
Jane and Daniel

As we say, it’s great to know that our customers appreciate what we are trying to achieve and that in going that extra mile it just makes the pleasure of doing business that bit more rewarding for everyone.

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