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Captain POM - Buyer Beware
I am constantly on the look-out for cars that have the potential to become a “Little-Belter”. Most of these I source from Franchised Main Dealerships via Trade Auctions. I recently spotted a 2007 Honda Jazz which met my criteria – or so I thought. Low miles – good history – only 2 owners – just the sort of car my customers would want AND it had an existing MOT until 31st October or did it? As ever I checked the MOT history before bidding – here’s what I discovered. The MOT expiry date was 31st October 2000 BUT on the 6th of October, it had gone in for an MOT and FAILED. There was a list of items requiring attention – some minor but some more serious – one was categorised as DANGEROUS. So what’s the Big Deal? Setting aside the technicalities of whether or not this car still has an MOT – the fact is it is clearly not roadworthy – had this car been involved in an accident would the Insurers have paid out? There is one other aspect to this story – You might have expected that for the sake of good practice the Main Dealer would have declared this in their description – sadly not. Dave Woolf
Important notice to all our customers, coronavirus


COLLECTION AND DELIVERY FOR OUR OLDER CUSTOMERS A fair number of our customers are in the “HIGHER RISK” age group – 70+. In order to help keep their exposure to infection to a minimum we will wherever possible provide a “local” collection and delivery service.   All of our customers will appreciate that regardless of self-isolation this age group may need to have their vehicle available in the event of an emergency.   EMERGENCY SERVICE AND ESSENTIAL OCCUPATION STAFF We will also do our best to give priority to this group whilst their cars are with us. Should a delay be unavoidable we will do our utmost to provide a courtesy car or transport to and from their place of work. PRIORITISING WORK Our intention is to keep vehicles on the road. As such it may be necessary to priorities j [...]
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