Customer Testimonial | Cornish Belters!

Our Little Belters Reach All Corners of the UK.

We love to go the extra mile for our customers, but when one of our customers recently went the extra 250 miles for us – it has to be said, even we were left speechless (for once!). 

Having seen one of our ads on a well-know national car advertising website, Cornwall-based Andy contacted us to express an interest in buying the car.

Sure enough, a few days later, Andy made the long trip upto Sunny Stockport, where we met him at the Train Station and shown him around Little Belters HQ.

Having been initially impressed with honesty and integrity of our ads – the Vauxhall Vectra he had come to see exceeded his expectations.

After spending some time with us, Andy set off in his new car and we later contacted him to make sure he had gotten home ok.

Not only had Andy gotten back ok but he had become more than a little smitten with his Little Belter. Given his job involves delivering new vehicles from across the UK to garages near him – he said his new car drove better than many of those!

We were delighted to be able to leave such a positive impression on Andy – because whatever car we sell, wherever you are in the UK – the Peace of Mind we provide is as important as the bit of metal with wheels on that you drive away in.

What’s the furthest you have travelled for a car? Leave your comments below.

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