The Early Bird Catches the Worm!

dsc_0988Having been established for a while it would seem our reputation for providing great cars is growing. It is lovely to see our long standing “garage” customers coming to us to buy their next car AND often trading in their existing one. In addition, we are seeing a steady flow of new customers who are coming to us on a recommendation from those who have already bought from us.

This is a great position for any business to be in- however, it is having a knock on effect. Buying the right stock is never easy – hence why we travel FAR AND WIDE to get them. More and more we are selling cars before we can even get them on our website or even having put them through the LITTLE – BELTERS MAKE OVER! Customers who have asked us to keep them informed of cars coming into us are arriving virtually on the day of their arrival – and despite cars not looking at their absolute best are buying in the knowledge we will not let them down and after my lads have worked their magic – the car will look like a “new penny”.

By way of example – We recently got hold of a smashing HONDA CRV – Even though this was a 2002 it really was a cut above the rest. We parked it at the front our building and within 30 minutes received a phone call from an existing customer who said “I was just passing and saw a Honda outside your place – is it for sale and if it is how much do you want for it?”  I told him “Yes it is for sale – but we haven’t even got round to our checks on it yet – but from a quick look over it is every bit – if not better than we believed – Automatic – Half Leather – Aircon – low miles and clearly been cherished. I cannot give you the exact final price but it will be around the £2200 mark – if you want to wait a few days I will get back to you.” His response was “No I don’t want to wait – because someone else might get it and it sounds exactly what I want – I will see you in morning at 11am – and don’t sell it before then!” Well, we didn’t and YES – HE GOT THE WORM!

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