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How do they sleep at night?

A true story!

Some months back we sold a car to a gentleman who, with respect, was one of those in life who is vulnerable to being taken advantage of. It was – AND STILL IS – a smashing little car which cost less than a thousand pounds. In the last week or so the car developed a fault – as he is some way from us he decided to take it to a Main Dealer. They repaired the fault at a cost in excess of £150 and then went on to inform him that he needed to spend a further £800 on the car – as he does not have that sort of money they invited him to take out finance!

Fortunately, before he agreed to go ahead he rang us and the following day brought the car in. So first of all the repair – this was a job we would have carried out at approximately 50% of the cost AND in all probability, we would have discounted this as he had bought the car from us. As for the rest – did he need to spend £800 – Emphatically and categorically NO! Was the item they referred to worn? Yes – but this is a 14-year-old car AND things wear. Did it make any difference to the way the car ran – NO. Was the car safe – YES. Before he left he asked my chief mechanic was the car ok to drive to Birmingham and his response was – “I would drive to London and back in it without the slightest hesitation”.

No wonder the Motor Trade gets a bad name!

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