What follows is not merely car sales talk!

Presently we are selling cars faster than we can source them. This is why you will notice our stock levels are falling. Some would see this as a good problem for any business to have – Demand exceeding Supply. However, from our point of view this is a real problem as it means buyers are going elsewhere as in most instances consumers are not in a position to keep waiting and waiting.

In order to address this, we are spreading our net wider and wider in order to source more of the RIGHT cars. BUT we cannot compromise on our buying criteria – after all it is that which has placed us in this position.

I am confident that over the coming weeks our efforts will pay off and stock levels will start to rise.

From your point of view all that I would ask is that you keep a watchful eye on our website AND should you see a car which might be of interest you – you look to check it over at your earliest opportunity. With that in mind we will do whatever we can to accommodate this. Certainly with the lighter nights now with us should you wish to see a car after our normal business hours – please ask.

Finally, I would like to add – when we purchase a car from one of our Main Franchised Dealer sources it often takes a few days for it to arrive with us – particularly if this is at the other end of the country!

From now on we will provide details of all vehicles coming into. Should any of these be of interest please let us know so we can inform you as soon as they arrive. All I would ask is that you take into consideration that they may not look their finest as they may not have undergone full preparation. Often once we have done this it is hard to believe they are the same car!

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