“It’s life Jim but not as we know it!”

We are still coming to terms with the impact of this dreadful virus. Some business sectors are being hit harder than others and sadly some – through no fault of their own – will never come back.

I accept new jobs are being created but with respect, many of these are likely to be low paid and not particularly satisfying. Ok – half a loaf is better than none but is still going to be tough to take particularly for those in the older age groups who have experienced something more rewarding.

Having a “Service” based economy is all well and good for keeping unemployment low BUT delivering parcels – serving deep-fried chicken and flipping burgers is hardly going to create a sound long term and prosperous economy producing products the rest of the world wants to buy from us.

One side effect I did not see coming – holiday entitlements! We are now finding suppliers are taking much longer to answer phones and deliveries are arriving late. This is down – at least in part – to staff shortages – nothing to do with virus infections or isolation but because staff are using up holidays that in normal circumstances would have been spread out over the year.

I am not sure how any of this can be addressed – It may be a case of…

“Its life Jim but not as we know it!”


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