Made to Measure at off the Peg Prices

Mr and Mrs Smith (name changed to protect the innocent – words written by an actor so you cannot identify!) wanted a car for their daughter. We had nothing that was of interest in their budget range and specification which was – Roomy + 5 Door + Low on Tax and Insurance – Less than 50k miles + No more than 3 owners with Service History).

Bid on a couple of potentials but lost out at Auction. Within the week had found what I felt was the “Goldilocks” car – JUST RIGHT- Kia Picanto – 2 Owners – 46k miles – Great History – from Kia Main Dealer. Did not want to raise hopes up – so made sure I won the bidding. Sent details including pictures of the car over on Saturday. Customer confirmed was “of interest” on Saturday afternoon – but time was short as due to go on holiday.

Monday, got an early train down to Leicester – paid up – drove the car back. On the way back ordered new battery as I had been told by Kia Dealer existing one was on way out. Got back to Stockport – Battery was ready and waiting – Fitted straight away so the customer would be able to test drive without any concerns – Customer arrived 4.15pm – Inspected and spoke with my Chief Mechanic – Test drove it – Loved it – wanted it – paid a deposit for collection in 7 days.

Moral of the story – you only get out what you are willing to put in!

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