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I am frequently asked “which are the best cars?” – my response is always the same – the one that meets your needs the best!

My point is this – before you can make a purchase you have to be clear on what you “need” – then hopefully you can have what you want.

In my usual clumsy fashion what I am attempting to explain is this – my role is not just to sell cars of equal if not even greater importance is to provide advice. Now for those customers who know exactly what the want (and they rarely do) then fine my experience and knowledge is not needed.

However – for those who are not so certain – I am here to make my views known and I can only give these by establishing individual needs.

Captain Peace of Mind - Loves Fiat Pandas

Not surprisingly most buying decisions are influenced by price – I do not recall many customer saying they wanted the very best and did not care how much it cost – even if they did I would struggle to believe them. There are times when I have to make it clear that what they are looking for does not exist – even though others may maintain it does.

What has this to do with anything?

Let me make clear buying a car is easy – take a look on Autotrader there are over 400,000 to choose from – BUT – buying the right car – now that is a different matter altogether.

Now I have a confession to make – I cannot be all things to all men! The reason for this is quite simple – I do not have enough money. I understood from the very start of Little-Belters – I would have to choose a market sector to specialise in AND stick to it.

Here is what “WE” are good at…

Cars that appeal to a wide audience – First cars – Second cars – Economical cars – Cars that are reliable – Cars that are easy to maintain – Cars which have parts that are plentiful and do not cost a King’s ransom – Cars that will not have eye-watering depreciation – Cars that will not be a fortune to buy AND Cars that I would buy for my family!

Now here comes a surprise – taking the above into consideration – this leaves me very few cars to go out and search for. Over the coming weeks I will tell you – not only what cars I buy BUT also why I buy them.

This is the first one:


No – I have not lost the plot. OK I admit they do not have the “Street cred” of say a VW Polo or a Toyota Yaris or a Honda Jazz and their looks may be a bit like Marmite BUT they do exactly what it says on the Tin!

Here is why I love them:

Economical to Run
Economical to Maintain
Economical to Buy (around 30-50% less than the models I have mentioned)

It’s not just about the money – here comes the surprising bit!

“Easy and Fun to drive, great value, cheeky looks, well-built interior”
“…..great in town – equally capable on motorways”
“……light but precise steering”
“………surprisingly spacious”

Oh – I nearly forgot!

I have some FIAT PANDA real Little-belters in stock!

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