Newsflash! Our very first ELECTRIC VAN!

Keep an eye out for me!Some might say that this proves, without any doubt – that I’m definitely a certified, fully paid up BARM POT! Who cares? I came across an ad’ for this AIXAM MEGA MULTITRUCK – All Electric VAN – Never heard of them? – Not to worry, neither had I.

Despite the fact it doesn’t run (Yet!) and it looks as though it’s been parked in a field for some years and as a result isn’t in the finest of condition, it really was love at first sight! Well it was for me anyway!

This may well provide more Fun and Smiles than the last ten years winners of the Fun and Smiles world championships – if such a thing exists!

At the moment we are still working out what parts we need for it – a trip to its place of birth – France – might be needed. I have an inkling it also runs on Wine!


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