Rock On Bobby!

A person you have never met dies and for different reasons, it has a real personal impact. I remember John Lennon being shot and feeling devastated – my mother couldn’t understand this. I tried to explain that I felt I had grown up with him and had the same views and hopes he did – nope she still didn’t get it.

Today I am truly saddened to hear we have lost the “legend” that was Bobby Ball. I had the great privilege of seeing Cannon and Ball well over 40 years ago at the Golden Garter in Wythenshawe. This was around the time they were about to hit stardom.

This is seared into my brain for one simple reason – I very nearly wet myself! Laughing that much I had to go outside and I never saw the end of the act. I have loved them ever since.

To see “Bobby” take up both comedy and serious acting roles in recent years has been a delight.

Now here’s something – my Daughter Abby attended the birthday party of Lee Mack about a year ago and who should be there – the great man himself (Bobby played the part of his Dad in Not Going Out). She asked for a photo with him (not normally the done thing at this sort of event!) because – as she told him – “You’re my Dad’s hero”.

Good night and God bless Bobby.

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