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Something is going on!

I am not sure what FACTOR it is – the Brexit Factor – the Weather Factor – the Krypton Factor or Max Factor – but something is going on.

I have virtually run out of cars to sell!

Of course, it’s a great situation to have – BUT – I have hit a real problem I cannot overcome – ME!

As always there are thousands of cars for sale – sadly there are very few I want to buy. I cannot change or compromise on this – the acid test remains the same – would I buy this for my family?

In the vast majority of cases, the answer is No.

Dave - Online Auctions

So, for now, all I can do is cast my net further, work harder and burn more midnight oil to find those LITTLE-BELTERS!

Best Regards

Dave Woolf ALFB
New York – Paris – Rome – Berlin AND Stockport

PS A true story – I had become to think I am the only one losing it – yesterday whilst on a train to the Lake District to collect a car – the guard completely lost it! He announced to everyone the Railways were rubbish BUT added – everything was rubbish – NHS – Police – Councils – Education – Government!

Needless to say, my fellow passengers and I gave him a round of applause. I now have a new friend!

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