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When Trevor Royle (Hollyoaks) met the Big Bad Woolf!

Award Winning Drama inside Little Belters!

We’re used to surreal happenings down here at Little Belters.  In over 30 years of Business, you could say ‘We’ve Seen it All’, at least, we thought we had!

It’s probably best if we hand over to our Founder Mr Dave Woolf so he can explain the whole ordeal to you himself…


I had a nasty experience a few weeks ago – Trevor Royle the bad lad in Hollyoaks paid me a visit.

Now when he says listen – you listen.


Despite his obvious size advantage, I thought ‘You don’t scare me, I’m from Heaton Norris!

Here I am explaining to him that if he told me EXACTLY what he wanted, I would get it.


It turned out that Trevor, not surprisingly, was a man who knew exactly what he wanted!


I want a Lexus – not any Lexus – an IS 220D SE with Full Leather interior – I want one in excellent condition with low mileage – I want one with full Lexus Service History – I want one which is fully loaded including heated seats AND Woolfee I want it at a great price – Comprende!”

Yeh and I want to be five foot eight but that’s unlikely (I only thought this bit!)

No problemo – Amigo” says I – impressing him with my French!

3 weeks later and after countless searches and several blind alleys – I found the perfect car and here he is picking it up!




Some elements of this story may have been altered for dramatic effect. It also turns out Trevor is really called ‘Greg Wood’ and is genuinely one of the nicest people you could hope to meet.


If you’re after a specialist to find your next Car, then give us a call, or alternatively, read more about our ‘Car Sourcing’ service here. 

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