No such thing as a free lunch

On my way into work the other morning I was, as usual, listening to Radio 4 news- they were interviewing an American farmer by the name of Zippy Duvall (I kid you not!) – the subject was a potential Trade Deal with the UK following Brexit. “Zippy” made two things abundantly clear – Firstly any deal must include Agriculture and secondly – it would require the UK to accept US farming practices – which currently we do not – such as Chlorinated Chicken – Genetically modified crops – Irradiated Food.

None of this can come as a great shock to any of us – after all, who in their right mind would expect something for nothing?

So when going through your second hand car “Wish List” – Low Miles + One Owner + Full Service History + Mint condition + Low price – just remember you can have all of these things but not all at the same time, if you get all of the rest don’t EXPECT the last one!

But we knew that anyway didn’t we – because WE all realise there is no such thing as a – FREE LUNCH – Don’t we?

Anyone for a Chlorinated Chicken Burger?

Dave Woolf

Captain POM - Eating a chicken burger
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