Quality cars at Wetherspoons prices?

A few weeks ago we decided to take a couple of days break in a very nice hotel in St. Anne’s. Whilst sat in the bar overlooking the sea a fellow guest was keen to point out to us that the bar prices were not as cheap as Wetherspoons – Now I am sure he was right – but he seemed to have missed one important fact – we were not in Wetherspoons.

I mention this as I cannot help but feel that for a growing number of consumers the price has become more important than the overall quality of the product. That’s fine but some things cannot or should not be judged on price alone.

I receive numerous emails from potential buyers making me offers on a cars that they have never even seen – let alone driven. None have ever asked – is it any good? The one that really winds me up is – “I have seen one cheaper on Ebay” – to which my response is – is it as good as the one I have?  –More often than not the response is “I don’t know”.

Don’t get me wrong I am as keen to get a bargain as the next person – but this does not mean I want to compromise on certain – what I would consider to be – essential items. For example – safety for me and my family. Let’s face it a “dodgy pint” is unlikely to cost you your life – buying a “dodgy” car could.

Most of the cars I sell are in the lower price bracket. Inevitably this means they are getting on a bit and like people as they get older things start to go wrong more often. Again – like people – some things will be minor whilst others could be eye wateringly bad!

In my usual clumsy fashion the point I am attempting to make is this – in this sector of the car buying market the chances of buying a “lemon” are very high – should it happen to you it could really make your eyes water and regardless of how cheap it was at this point you will have a total sense of humour failure!

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